PRODUCT SUPPORT is a vital activity in KCEI under the able guidance of the Top Management. We have a large team of over 300 trained and experienced Service personnel based at strategic locations to provide prompt and reliable support and resolution. KCEI is known for its excellent support both during the warranty period and thereafter. There is a clear hierarchy for addressing Warranty issues promptly. Training is a continuous activity in KCEI and all persons are mapped to ensure development of required competencies.

Kobelco Product Support Team is always ready to support your Kobelco Excavator wherever you may be working. Our trained Service personnel are available at over 100 locations around the country. Find the most convenient location nearest to you and get the support you need.

Kobelco machines are designed and manufactured with great precision for perfect matching of components for optimal performance. It’s therefore expected that every part will be replaced by a genuine Kobelco part which can ensure the same level of performance and reliability. Every part goes through our stringent procurement and inspection process so that you get the “right” part for your Kobelco excavator. Why should you 'risk' the safety and reliability of your machine with any other part?

Our Kobelco branded Lubricants have been developed in a collaborative effort with one of the most trusted partners in the Lubrication industry. The demands of the latest technological advances in Engine and Hydraulics require perfect matching to meet all the challenges of lubricating, cleaning, cooling, etc. These products are "Made for Kobelco Excavators" and will ensure the desired performance levels over the recommended usage period.


Lubricants are like the "Blood" in our bodies. Just as a pure and healthy blood is vital for a healthy body, it is equally important to select the ‘right’ fluids for your Kobelco Excavators, which incorporate the contemporary Japanese technology. Every effort is made to achieve the most optimal combination of the machine components to ensure the highest level of productivity and reliability. No wonder, the designers at Kobelco’ R & D Centre decided to design the matching fluids as well. One of the leading Lubricant manufacturers was selected for this critical activity and a joint effort was launched culminating in the formulation of the “KOBELCO” range of Lubricants and Coolant. Be assured, these Lubricants are made exclusively for your high-performance machines and are very essential for the operating efficiency and long life of the components of your Kobelco range of Excavators.

"Use Kobelco Lubricants for Peace of Mind"